Be Beckoned By Jesus

Sometimes I get this gut wrenching tug at my heart from the Holy Spirit. He’s beckoning me to come be with Him. Do you ever feel this way?

Though I try to stay faithful in my prayer time, life gets busy and I let my commitment slip sometimes. When I get to this point I know God realizes I’m lacking. He knows right where I’m at spiritually and that I’m in desperate need of re-connection with Him. He knows that about you as well.

The past few weeks the need for desperation and war type prayer has been magnified to me. Often when I pray I wonder,  “how many others are doing this right now?” I feel the burden to pick up the slack of so many before me who haven’t done their job. I speak this to my own self as I too, have failed. I know our busy lifestyles don’t leave alot of time to cry out in desperation for God to help our crazy world. But, I also know we CANNOT afford lives without prayer.


Cry Aloud

Isaiah 58:1 says, “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.”

I’ve heard the common phrase so much as a minister’s daughter and even my husband recalled it well in a recent sermon he preached. “We are going to the next level with God.” Yet, I never hear about the cost of that next level. Prayer is costly, revival is costly, release from drug addictions, alcohol addictions, salvations, healings, anointing and miracles are costly. But, our world is begging for just a sip of water from the Fountain of which we are so privileged to drink from. Isn’t it worth that cost? Are you willing to pay that price?


What Happens In the Desert?

A while back in my prayer time the Holy Spirit raised the question, “What happens in the desert?” I immediately began researching on the desert and was astonished to find out that there is in fact plant life. Most plant life occurs right after a rainfall. Those plants typically only live a few days because they can’t draw anymore life (water) from any where. This makes me think of new Christians. If not shown how to live a life of prayer they can and will sadly lose their way.

However, there is plant life in the desert that lives off of a water source deep within the ground. These plants have such a need for water and that they push their roots deeper and deeper until they find it. They know the need and have a realization that need can be satisfied. What determination! These deeply rooted plants can’t be easily choked out. For they have tapped into a water source that fulfills every yearning.

This makes me think of a beautifully articulated verse written by King David from Psalms 42:7, “Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts: all thy waves and thy billows are gone over me.”

You see, inside we have something much like those deep rooted plants that calls out for “more”. That “more” is Jesus. In other words, the Jesus inside us that has been put there since the foundation of time is calling out to it’s Creator. God did this on purpose! He put the need for re-connection and communion with Him in all of us. This need is continuous and never fades, leading us all to His feet time and time again, as it should be.

So many search and search their whole life, but never find what they are looking for. Nothing can satisfy the creation aside from the Creator, Himself. That “deep” within them will never be satisfied by what the world has to offer.

Where are the ones willing to tarry with the Lord until something breaks? Why don’t we hear the phrase, “Pray until you pray through” anymore? Does this up and coming generation even realize the cost of the anointing on some of the greats who have paved the way before us?

It is not about talent, money, or accolades of mere men. But, about the willingness and obedience to carry His word to the world. A huge part of that is prayer. Without it we cannot expect much of anything. Sure, Jesus still died on the cross. Sure, we still have the ability to be saved but, without prayer we have no power. Without power how can we effectively witness to the world? Without prayer christianity itself will die out.


Even Jesus Prayed

Though He was God, Jesus still prayed. He needed guidance and power from His Father to carry out His will. What gives us the idea that we can do without it if He couldn’t? Prayer is oxygen and water (if you will) to the children of God. It’s the oil that keeps the lamp within flickering.

Prayer gives us hands to snatch souls from a hell so dreadful and it’s what causes dead bones to live again. Without it, we are nothing and of no threat to the evil one. Don’t you think satan and all of hell knows this? Don’t give them foothold!

If there is anything said of me let it be that my voice was well-known in the courts of Heaven, my knees were blistered from travelling hard, and my voice was hoarse from cries of desperation unto Jesus for mercy.

May our words and actions be prayer-laced sacrifices with a sweet smelling aroma to Our Heavenly Father. Prayer filled lives will allow the work of God to be done more so than ever before.

My prayer for you is to be beckoned by Jesus today and everyday. Loose a night of sleep, cry tears of desperation, blister your knees as you dig to find your Source of power and strength. He is there and He is waiting for you. You will win all battles in this stance. Don’t let up!


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  1. Sirley Gillespie says:

    Well done Melissa. I see this in your demeanor and your life. What an inspirational, heartfelt message. Thank you.


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