The Ultimate Gift

I love rain. Something about the water washing over all thats dirty and cleansing everything in sight. As I sit here this morning peering out my window, it’s raining. It’s the day after Christmas, a day that tends to bring a lot of peoples’ emotions to an all-time low.

The excitement is over, families are parting ways to go back home, the schedule that more than likely demands our attention is slowly becoming a part of daily life again. It can be sad and monotonous, but, at the same time there is peace in that everyday schedule. Peace in knowing we have a “normal” to return to.

In reflecting on Christmas, I remember how excited I used to get about it (and still do for the most part.) I love all the preparation, the shopping, decorating, cooking, precious family time, and most of all the reason we celebrate, Jesus Christ. You may have heard it said, “Christmas should be everyday.” I have come to believe this statement as true. Not in the way of getting physical presents but, in our realization and revelation of who Jesus is. It should be Christmas daily. When our feet hit the floor every morning we should always thank God for giving us such an ultimate gift. Everyday, every moment that we are free to live for Jesus is a gift.

My heart grieves that so many don’t realize the gift they have been given and they never even open it. What a sad, sad thing to know you have the gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ but you never open it (accept Jesus in your heart to forgive your sins) and never put it to use by living a life of peace, love, and inspiration through the Holy Spirit, our God-given Comforter. There is a lot of pain running rampant in the world around us, and a Comforter and Savior is needed by everyone on a daily basis. My prayer today is that you know Him, and if you don’t that you would come to know Him. Jesus came for you to be set free from the filth and death-driven force of this world.

John 3:16 puts it best.”For God so loved that world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.”


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