Do you Hear Him?


Defeated because of the lies being shouted in your ear by the enemy.

Robbed of many possessions.

Life seems to be one wind driven storm after another.

Your walk seared by one hot iron of agony after another.

The road looks dark, cold and rainy where you are right now and you can’t see your way down it.

Winter’s cold, dark days seem to overtake everything once living.

Death seems to ravage all that your eyes look upon.

But, there is One, running to your rescue today if you will call on Him.

He seems far and distant from you right now, But Hes not…

Jesus is whispering sweet nothings underneath all the shouting of the enemy your ears are tuned to.

Tune your ear, turn your head and listen to HIM.

Jesus says, “I will rescue you, you are not alone and you never have been.”

Do you hear the sound of His hurrying footsteps?

Can you hear the rustle of the leaves as He runs past?

Call to Jesus in the midst of your agony for Hes on the way!






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  1. I love this.I’m listening for Him.


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