Don’t Suppress HIM

Step away for a while, be still, know that Hes near you sweet child. His ear is bent toward your lips.

He hears you beloved.

His heart overwhelmed and melted by every adoration you utter

He collects every tear in His bottle.

You’re the apple of His eye, the flame in His eyes, the love of His heart.

Jesus is His name.

Be still for yet one moment so He can revel in the love your heart so desires to lavish on His feet like an expensive oil.

Can you hear it?

Can you hear His heart beating for you, His footsteps thundering as you speak His name in your place of desperation?

He is coming to save you, coming even before the sound of one syllable drops from your lips.

It’s time to stop being afraid, time to stop living in fear, time to share what you know of Jesus with those around you.

His WORD and His LOVE are propelling you forward… Go… Let HIS word be the flame that ignites the nations.

Do not SUPPRESS what you have inside!






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