I’m so drawn to the old testament book of Esther. As I run my fingers through the pages of this amazing story, I’m lost in it over and over again. It encapsulates the beauty of favor and realization of true identity.

The Bible tells us that Esther had no father or mother and was raised by Mordecai, who took her in as his own. She was a young Jewish orphan raised with values and strong beliefs in God. She was chosen and trained for a specific purpose. I’m almost positive she had no idea who she was for a long time.  Yet, Esther goes on to be chosen by King Xerxes (Ahasuerus) as Queen of Persia later on in life. The Bible says that the King loved Esther deeply.

Before becoming Queen, Esther went through a preparation period along with all the other young virgins in Shusan. She was purified and soaked in fine perfumes and oils and treated as royalty long before she was actually royalty according to Esther 2:9. She was favored in the house of the King.

This story always makes me ponder on being a child of God. As His children we have inherited His Kingdom too. To make it more personal I might say it this way, “if there is something in the fridge you want, there is no reason to ask permission because His house is your house.” Or, “if you see a outfit in the closet you like, go ahead and try it on!” You are a son or daughter of the King and you’ve been given His authority.

Though this is symbolism for His kingdom; God still blesses us in the natural realm a lot more than we realize.

You and I, who were once orphans have been adopted into a Kingdom we weren’t deserving of. We have done no deed worthy of such divine favor. Yet, Jesus has chosen us as His treasure to love and reign with Him.

Before becoming a Christian most fail to realize their value to Jesus. They seem to think He doesn’t care for them unless they are a self-proclaimed child. Or unless they “clean up their act” before coming to Him. There is no greater lie…

Like in the book of Esther, God has already called you out and shown you favor long before you become a Christian. He did this by coming to this lost world in human form, with the one purpose of dying in your place for the consequence of sin.  You just have yet to realize that you were created in His image, fashioned in His likeness and born to reign with Him. Don’t remove yourself from God’s “family photo” just because you aren’t perfect. He is waiting on you to come. You are nothing less than a child who just needs to be reconciled to Him. God is anxiously awaiting your arrival.

Knowing who you are in The Kingdom of God sets in perspective the authority He has freely given us all. Its no wonder we are lost when we try to walk this road without His goodness and mercy paving the way. ALL of us were born to be HIS. When we don’t walk in that truth we starve ourselves of all that has been freely given to us.

You are treasured by the King of the Universe! He loves you so much that He has called you by name according to Isaiah 43:1. Just as Esther was prepared within King Xerxes’ house to reign with him. You are called to come be purified and prepared for King Jesus. He has shown you great favor and has chosen you to be His.

When you realize your true identity in Jesus, you cannot be swayed by anyone or anything. You were created with purpose and destined to be a King or Queen in His Kingdom.









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  1. Sticky says:

    Wow! Great to find a post with such a clear megeass!


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