Oh Precious Momma

Precious Momma, you work so hard…


Minute by minute…

Whether it be that you are a career mom or stay at home mom… you work hard..

You wear yourself out with workout routines and stress over everything you put in your mouth. You overwork yourself to the point of soreness when you splurge on that fattening treat. You put everyone else before yourself because of the tremendous love you have for them. You usually have too much on your plate and as you lay in bed at night you are STILL beating yourself up due to the things you didn’t accomplish. You loose sleep because you yelled at your sneaky little toddler out of pure frustration today, or you worry that teenage son of yours won’t obey your rules tonight while he’s out with his friends.

Take a moment to yourself today and spend it with God asking for His divine hand of guidance and grace. Bring all your worries before Him for He cares for you whether you realize it or not. Do not be dismayed or taken aback by your yesterdays because God can and will help you if you will only ask. God isn’t asking you to be perfect, but to only put Him first and do your best daily. Don’t let the voice of insecurity overtake you tomorrow, seek God, you will find Him and when you do, He will give you the inner peace and grace you need to conquer your everyday.


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