Pursue Me

Call me a dreamer, but, I can’t help but wonder what life would be like if every one had a deep relationship with God. I’m not talking about the normal, mediocre routine of going to church every Sunday and saying prayers over your food. I mean intensely pursuing, walking, talking, eating, breathing the very essence of God and completely abiding in Him in the way He intended. Just imagine walking in complete victory and continuously seeing tangible signs and wonders. I, myself have discussed this very topic with people who are avid church goers . The various responses are interesting. Some people hunger and strive to have that deeper and more intimate relationship with God. Sadly, others, I would assume the majority, are just as content with the excuse that as humans we could never reach the point of seeing the tangible miracles of God. I feel like most are stuck under the second “title” living day in and day out dependent upon worldly things to literally satisfy their souls. You see, by nature, we are all searching for “more” to fill that so called “hole” in us. Everyone experiences this at some point in life. Most mistakenly fill it with things like, drugs, lust, or other worldly pleasures that cannot quench or satisfy that longing. Some fill it with things that are innocent like friends, family, parties, hobbies, etc. The latter things are obviously harmless and God intends for us to live life and to enjoy it to its fullest in a holy way…

But we take it out of context…

We are in a society where churches have to build coffee shops, hot dog stands, and basketball courts in order to get people to come in. We live in an extremely self-centered society that is getting more selfish on a daily basis. If you can’t lay back in a lazy boy, sip on coffee and nibble on a doughnut while in church then forget it. We have lost something of paramount importance when we have this mind-set. Jesus came to earth and sacrificed everything, suffered and died for each and every one of us. Yet, we complain if its too hot, too cold or we’re physically hungry. That’s when you know focus has been distorted, and the view is no longer clear. The reason it’s blurry, and the reason the search for “more” continues unsuccessfully is because that focal point is no longer Jesus Christ. Worldly things will never satisfy like He does. God has shown us all throughout the scriptures that He desires us to dwell with Him in a deep and intimate way. But, church society has twisted and perverted God’s word to make people comfortable. Many have believed the disguised lies of Satan by allowing their focal point to be something other than Jesus. As the old saying goes, “Give Satan an inch and he will take a mile”. Satan’s devices are keen and he searches the world seeking whom he can devour next. Many ministries have crumbled due to mistakenly allowing Satan to have room to move in. Constant prayer and seeking God’s will cause this problem to dissolve. “But, seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33. By seeking God, and by making Him the foundation of our lives we can never crumble. That doesn’t mean life is perfect; trials and tribulations always come. But, God is merciful and ever-desiring to graciously carry us through every trail.

God is also merciful and will forgive us if we will humble ourselves and pray. The word “humble” is in the Bible 56 times. In one passage it says that if we will humble ourselves and pray and and TURN from our wicked ways THEN God will hear us and heal our land. True holiness is an unrealistic goal if humility is ignored. We have to desire His ways, we cannot live for God in a half-hearted manner and expect His favor. More over, If we put every fiber of our existence into serving God and doing His will a divine connection is made. Faith without works is dead, but when we have faith, He gives freely. God pursues each person individually, and He desires that we pursue Him in return. “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled” Matthew 5:6.

I’m not sure where you stand today, you may not even know Jesus. But, He knows you. He grieves for you, He doesn’t want you to die without Him. His love for you outweighs all the love than the entire human race can give you. His promise is more than just a promise of eternity with Him in Heaven. His promise is to give you life.

Maybe you’re a Christian already, but you’ve been in that “content mode” for a long time. God is calling for you to go to a higher level with Him. Dive deeper in His love, His word, and His promises. He desires that one on one time with you. Don’t ever be scared to talk to Him and seek His will for your life. He wants you to hand over every part of yourself over to Him. Your creator has a plan for you, and believe me its a better plan than you could even come up with yourself. Tune your ear to His voice, Its the sweetest voice you could ever know. Connecting to the supernatural frequency of God will point your life in the direction it was meant to go. God desires to awe us with His wondrous works!


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