Foreign Voices

Getting those “foreign voices” out of our head is not easy. I’m not talking about foreign voices as in people from other countries. What I am referring to is all the voices that distract us from hearing God’s precious voice. God often times speaks in what The Holy Bible refers to as a “still small voice”. That still small voice is so difficult to hear when our mind is clouded by voices of negativity. Try to clear your mind, as you are sitting reading this.


Your mind is racing out of control with what you are supposed to be doing after reading this, am I right?

Pause again and dwell on what God has recently done for you.

Now, there is a reason I asked you to pause and focus on God. That is one way to diminish all the mental distractions that get placed into your mind daily. What do I mean by mental distractions, you ask?

What I mean is that its typical of us to have voices in our minds constantly. It could be that of a loved one, friend, or pastor. Maybe its someone you think highly of. Maybe it’s someone of whom you love dearly but they tend to be critical of everything you do because they think you should do things differently. Whatever the case, when we hear all of these voices in the back of our minds we all usually have trouble discerning the voice of God between all the other “foreign” voices that sometimes hauntingly repeat themselves.

Its not that those voices are bad and its not that we shouldn’t have mentors, but when it comes down to hearing God on something instead of those “foreign” voices, its downright difficult!

We must find a place and time daily to hear God out on what He is trying to tell us. God desires that intimate one on one time with us. That’s how we learn the heart of God and that’s how we begin to realize His plan for our lives. Now, don’t get me wrong, none are perfect, but we can always strive to know God in a deeper and fuller fashion. He loves us so dearly!

In Psalms it says that He even bottles the tears we cry. What does that say about the love God has for you? It tells me that He cares, He listens, He doesn’t care what time, what day, what year, or whenever. He desires that we desire to know Him. God is not waiting to smack us down or kill us because we have made mistakes. All have sinned and none are perfect. However, God does desire that we are willing to hand that old lifestyle over to Him in prayer and to accept His son Jesus whom was crucified for our sins. He draws us by His sweet holy presence.

Too many have this concept that God has left them. Let me try to explain to you in as simple of terms as I can think of.

God is NOT mad at you.

He did not cross His arms, stomp His feet, throw a temper tantrum and walk away from you because you weren’t perfect. Just as the father of the prodigal son had his arms open wide to welcome his son back home, so does God have His arms spread for you!

He is listening for your footsteps, He is awaiting your arrival. You feel as if you are not worthy to enter the Father’s house anymore because you have strayed in disobedience. But, you cannot buy salvation friend, the price has already been paid! Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice. Humbly lift your head, for you cannot gain your strength unless you are willing to allow God to pour into you again. Remember your strength does not come from people!

Your strength comes from God, His word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. The way is dark, the road is narrow, but you will find the path lit again if you just put your trust in Him! Put out of your mind that thoughts that so prevent you from making the decision to accept Jesus as your Savior. Or to come back to Him one again.

Silence those “foreign” voices, tune your ears to God’s voice and pray to hear Him speak most of all! You will not be disappointed in making the decision to listen to Him now for the first time. Neither will you be disappointed if you fine-tune your ears to hear it again.


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